About me

2013-05-17 14.13.55 Kopie 2

My name is Julia Thorne, I am a cake-loving, tea-drinking Anglo-German actress currently living in Vienna – and I’ve been a passionate home baker for as long as I can remember. My mother originally taught me to bake and a weekend soon no longer deserved the name if there wasn’t a freshly baked cake in the house. But it was only when my sister-in-law and I became obsessed with cupcakes a few years ago and spent a summer in the kitchen, turning out batch after batch, that I began to dream of turning baking into more than a hobby some day…

Since then, I’ve been practicing my baking step by step, testing my skills and trying to master new techniques. This blog is part of that process. I am far from being a professional and when I browse through some of the amazing baking blogs that are out there, I almost feel like a bit of an imposter. But then – we all know what professional cakes look like. The question is: how can we achieve similar results in our kitchens at home?
In this blog I would like to share my experiments, failures and successes with you – and hopefully hear all about yours!
Thank you for visiting my blog and happy baking!

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